About NLP Worldwide

The Worldwide Institutes of NLP is one of the oldest NLP training providers in the world having started in 1994 by Laureli Blyth. We first began training in Australia as simply The Australasian Institute of NLP and have grown to include The American Institute of NLP and The European Institute of NLP all under our umbrella.

All of our NLP Certification programs are trained specifically by Laureli Blyth and Dr. Heidi Heron, PsyD, ensuring you the quality and integrity of learning that we are renown for worldwide.

Anywhere in the world that you train with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP you are guaranteed of top quality training, we pride ourselves on teaching Pure NLP and offer our students a variety of benefits to last a lifetime including:

  • Sensible and intimate class size. Where others attempt to train 50+ students at a time in a certification course, we feel it is important to maintain a logical class size so you are not lost in the numbers and have a one-on-one approach.
  • Ongoing local support, after course study groups, supervision, online and face to face practice groups, online videos, mentor meetings and newsletters
  • Our NLP courses are trained in an generative, accelerated learning capacity – enabling you to absorb and transform immediately, you don’t have to wait until the end of the training to notice your own transformations.
  • The atmosphere is very comfortable and laid-back in training and our staff and trainers are very approachable and honest. Not only do we talk the talk, we walk the walk.
  • NLP trainers that use the skills in a coaching, therapeutic and consultative manner, not only in a training setting. Therefore, you are getting practical, hands on knowledge from the people who use the skills every day!

Meet Your Trainers

Laureli Blyth

Laureli Blyth

NLP Master Trainer

Laureli Blyth has over 20 years in the field of NLP. She is a well known and respected International NLP Master Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, & Numerologist. American by birth she now makes her home in Australia. She lectures & teaches programs in Australia, USA, Europe & Asia Pacific. The founder & director the Australasian Institute of NLP in Sydney, she inspires & assists others to use their minds, get their voice & have the life they desire. Laureli has a vast knowledge of the psyche & assists her students & clients to integrate their mind, body & spirit. Her wholeness approach & extent of her knowledge is displayed in her range of books that are available throughout the world, Neuro IntelligenceBrain PowerDream PowerThe Numerology of Names30 Days to NLP – all for purchase at www.anythingnlp.com.au

Email: laureli @ nlpworldwide.com

Private practice: www.laureliblyth.com

Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD

Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD

NLP Master Trainer

Heidi has been involved with the technology of NLP for most of her life and is an International Master Trainer of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Doctor of Psychology. She has obtained her Doctorate in Psychology; Masters in Adult Education and Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Communication. Heidi has a background in Corporate Human Resources Management and Personal Development. She has studied NLP with some of the top leaders in NLP and continues to up-skill herself personally and professionally. Heidi has been working in the field of Human Development since 1992. Currently, Heidi holds the role of Chairperson for the Australian Board of NLP (www.abnlp.org.au). Heidi is the co-author of the book 30 Days to NLP.


Email: heidi @ nlpworldwide.com
Private practice: www.heidiheron.com 

Since the 1970’s Neuro Linguistic Programming has been the skill people are using to transform their personal and professional lives, and it is taking the world by storm in the 21st Century.

What is NLP?

NLP is about understanding how the language of the mind creates the patterns and programs you run in life. We have programs for everything that we do – and by understanding this you can enhance the programs that are working well, change what isn’t working well and ‘map across’ resourceful patterns to other areas of life and you can use this information to help others too!

Ultimately, with NLP you are learning how your mind works – and in turn other people’s minds. In essence everything we interact with (see, hear, touch, taste, smell, think) creates a chemical reaction which triggers a response. What if you can learn how to purposefully alter those chemicals and therefore your responses? That, is NLP.

This remarkable set of tools is based on the amazing discovery that in changing how you think can change what you think – and in changing how and what you think, you can dramatically transform the results you create in your life.

NLP can assist you to develop and maintain a high level of motivation for achieving your goals, and can help convert barriers and obstacles into doorways to success.  NLP can be used to learn the characteristics of top achievers and to create a blueprint for unlimited success.

Learn to work smarter, not harder.

Learn to get out of your way by becoming in control of you behaviours, thoughts and beliefs. Learn what really makes you and others tick and learn that in such a way that you can quickly and deeply flow through the barriers to good communication in order to genuinely relate and connect with others in a way that is far more beneficial and satisfying.

Many people come to learn NLP for business and walk away with more understanding about themselves. Others attend to improve their parenting skills and find many tools applicable to business. Some people attend the NLP training to become a Coach or Therapist and come away with more self-actualisation in their own life.

There are three main uses of NLP – all of our NLP Certification courses are aimed at helping you to use the skills of NLP in all three to help you have a more balanced, successful and purposeful life: