If you could instantly access a specific state or emotion, what would it be? Would you choose calmness, motivation, strength, confidence, and an unstoppable personal power? Where would you use it?  

And, what if you didn’t have to choose just one state, rather you could create a way to instantly access any state you wanted, and access that as easily as the click of your fingers. Just. Like. That.  

Well, with NLP you can! If you’ve been around NLP for a while you will have heard of anchors. If you’re new, let me explain. An anchor is a stimulus that triggers a response. Much like Pavlov’s dog began to salivate at the sound of a bell, you can create an anchor for yourself (or many) that will trigger any state you desire.  

You already have a variety of anchors that have been naturally created over time. Perhaps there is a song that puts you into a certain mood, or a smell. Maybe you automatically react in a certain way when you see something specific or if someone says your name in just that particular way. These are all anchors – a stimulus that creates a response, and NLP has unpacked how specifically the mind creates these anchors so we can purposefully use this unconscious mind technology.  

In fact, when you learn NLP you will learn how the mind responds at peak situations when a stimulus can be applied to create an anchor. When you create an anchor that will be resourceful for you, we call this a resource anchor. You’ll be able to create anchors for yourself and others using specific words, a touch (think of Tony Robbin’s chest pump and you’ll see a dynamic anchor in action), a sound, a song, a picture, a smell, really just about any stimuli. And you can anchor nearly any feeling you want. You can even stack different resources with the same stimulus so there is a cascade of emotions present when you set the anchor off.  

Because you are in charge of your state management and the mood you are in at any given point – anchors allow you to be even more mindful and in control of your state and mood. Next time you want to ask someone on a date – trigger your confidence anchor. When you want to fall asleep easily, use your relaxation anchor. When you want to go to the gym, access your state of motivation easily.  

After all, you are in charge of your mind, aren’t you?