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Improve Customer Service Skills

  We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “the customer is always right”, but is that really true? Of course not! But – from an NLP angle, the way the customer sees something is right, for them. When an event happens, we filter this information through a set of filters which include your beliefs, values, history, expectations, memories, etc., then your mind automatically fits what has just happened in to your own model of the world by distorting, deleting and generalising information; this is how each of us has our own opinions, thoughts and ideas about the same thing. NLP will help you to improve your customer service skills, not by making the customers notions right all of the time, but making how they see something as right. If a customer, for example, is unhappy with something – you will be able to get more specific about what it is, how they have come to that conclusion and what needs to happen to fix the situation – therefore, you have more skills to create a happy customer. Customer Service isn’t only something that happens when a customer is upset – it is simply a way of treating our clients. Each client has their own needs, values, expectations and desires – through sensory acuity and observation skills, questioning techniques and filtering tools you will be better able to understand what your...

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Improve Your Physical Health

  Do you realise that your mind and body are connected, and affect each other? Do you also realise that it is the unconscious part of your mind that is responsible for every bodily function you have? This includes the beating of your heart, digestion of food, body temperature regulation, chemical and hormone production, even your hunger pangs and blinking of your eyes. Most people take for granted that the body is always doing what it is supposed to do; without giving it much thought (unless it is not functioning or doing what they want), and they take it for granted. When there is an issue people often look outside of themselves for answers and if their body does not cooperate they blame it.  We often meet people who become clients or students who have physical health issues that they have gone to see doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and more – and often the external treatment doesn’t work because it is inside factors (psychological) that is creating the issues. NLP is well known for its benefits in health and healing.  In fact, NLP has many methodologies and tools that get your mind and body communicating so they know what each one wants and needs and how to go about achieving these.  For example – if you knew that the migraines that you have are actually trying to get...

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Develop Sensory Acuity Skills

Sensory acuity is the ability to have a keen awareness through your senses, specifically what you see and hear. According to various studies, only 7% of communication comes from the verbal words you say; the remaining 93% is based on the voice and body; making up non-verbal communication. You cannot not communicate – everything you do, every way you move, every intonation has some meaning. Over the years, psychology has taught us to pay attention to micro movements and to be aware of others. NLP has taken this one step further and will help you to develop sensory acuity with others and with yourself. When you are sensory acute, you are observing and being aware of subtle changes or affects of a person’s movements and voice. This may be a twitch of the leg, rubbing of hands, squinting of the eyes, a breath, muscle tension, a sigh, sweat, a stammer, change in volume, pitch or tempo, eye movements – or a range of other things. While NLP teaches you to be aware of these things, unlike many non-verbal communication books or articles, NLP does not assign meaning to them. The meaning to everything is very personal and individual; sometimes the meaning changes in the moment. Along with sensory acuity, NLP teaches you how to calibrate for meaning. That is, NLP helps you to understand what these changes mean. And,...

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Overcome Blocks and Limitations

Is there something holding you back from doing something or being someone you want to be? The patterns of emotions, behaviours, beliefs and thoughts that seem to run us and create some of the blocks and limitations that we hold on to are created and generated by the unconscious mind. As coaches, if someone comes to us and says “can you help me remove a block of X?” – our question is “do you know what you want instead or what you’ll be able to do without X?” – and if they have a positive answer, that is – they know what they want instead or they know what life will be without the block or limitation then our answer is yes. One of the key factors in overcoming any block or limit in our life is to have an imagination vivid enough to imagine life without it. This becomes your Desired State – what we are working toward. With this in mind, a goal to achieve then you can start to apply some specific NLP skills that will help to access clear the root cause, anchors, change unconscious processes, create new beliefs, new patterns and ultimately not just overcome, but remove blocks and limitations that may have held you back in the...

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Be a Better Leaders

Whenever we train NLP and Leadership workshops, one of the questions we always ask upfront is what is the difference between a leader and a manager? There are usually many different answers – the most common boils down to: leaders have people follow them while managers have people who work for them.  If you are a business owner with staff or even an exceptional leader you need to be both a strong leader and manager to get your team on board to follow you towards your vision of success. Leadership is about getting people to understand and believe in your vision and to work with you to achieve your goals while managing is more about administering and making sure the day-to-day things are happening as they should. Another question we ask to our workshop participants is leadership a quality that people can learn? The overwhelming response we hear is yes. This is where NLP comes in. NLP is about understanding how the language of your mind creates the patterns that you run. You actually have patterns or programs for how you do everything – how you get motivated, how you motivate others, how you make decisions, how you communicate, how you achieve your goals. One you can identify various programs in your life, you can then use NLP to enhance what is working well for you and change what...

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