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Manage your state

A state is a mood or an emotion – and you are in charge of your mood, even if it doesn’t feel like that at times!  NLP will help you to be able to better manage your states and be more in control of your moods.    Everything happens twice in life – first in our imagination and then in reality. Therefore, your state actually starts well before reality happens. If you think about a meeting you are going to have tomorrow and get excited about it, that is the beginning of your state, your mood, and your psychology. If however, you...

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Become better at influencing outcomes 

In your work, you may be responsible for achieving outcomes; either personally or as a team. Using your NLP tools you will be able to influence outcomes more effectively.   When you can understand your teammates, customers, supplier, colleagues and others you work with you can deliver a message to them in the manner they need it. Additionally, you will learn through NLP a variety of influential language patterns that have the ability to communicate more on an unconscious level.   These include skills such as metaphors, sleight of mouth, verb changes, identifying full belief statement, temporal phrases, tag questions, embedded questions, the...

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Be a better Personal Trainer

As a Personal Trainer, your role is compacted with many others and as a result you need to be more responsible in serving your clients in the best possible way. To your clients you are more than just a trainer. You are their confidant, nurse, therapist, advisor, educator, role model, motivator and overall guide in this field. You serve as an inspiration and often someone to aspire to. Your clients treat you as trustworthy friends to model themselves on, and you need to ensure they are modelling excellence. First and foremost, when you learn NLP you will be applying...

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Overcome Anxiety

One of our favourite definitions of anxiety and worry is the hallucination of what might possibly go wrong in the future. Most of the most successful people in the world think about what pitfalls may lay ahead, but they don’t dwell on them, they plan for them appropriately. Anxiety – true anxiety, not just a mild fear or anticipation of the future, has chemicals involved in it, and anxiety is rampant in today’s world. Chemically, it is understood that anxiety is created by too much adrenaline and noradrenaline not enough serotonin and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), putting the body into...

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Become more mindful

For the past few years the concept of mindfulness has become all the rage. When we talk about being mindful, people tell us their initial thoughts of it include meditation, finding a zen-like state and yogic breathing. And yes, that is one type of mindfulness – but what NLP can help you achieve is mindfulness during your daily life. Ultimately, being mindful simply means being aware. Aware of yourself, the impact you are making in the moment and aware of others around you. In daily life, meditating may not help you be more aware in the moment – but...

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