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Understand others

  In every single situation we filter what is going on around us and inside of us based on our personal history, our memories, our beliefs, our values and many other various unconscious filters (Meta Programs).  Once we filter an event, we automatically distort, delete and generalise it to make sense of it for ourselves. This is what is known as our Model of the World. This filtering process explains why you and your very best friend can have very different understandings of the exact same thing- because you have filtered it differently. Everything we do, every behaviour we have, every decision we make and everything we say is based on this filtering process. It is understood that the majority of our filters were built or created during our Imprint Stage. According to Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Morris Massey, between the ages of 0-7 is the Imprint Stage where we have very few filters in place and we start to create our beliefs, values and various other programs based on the people, environment and conditions around us. It is during this timeframe that the majority of our filters are created. If I have a friend who is very clingy and wants to check in with me on a more-than-regular-basis, a few questions and some observations may be able to tell me that this friend has a fear of being abandoned....

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Regain control of your life

Have you ever felt out of control or like you were no longer in charge of your life? Perhaps its felt like you are on a never ending loop of sameness. NLP has a presupposition that says you are in charge of your mind and therefore your results. With NLP, you can truly start to harness your life and be the leader, not just a participant. Often times we find that when people feel out of control, they are either wandering through life without a plan or a goal, they are aimlessly following others hoping someone else has their answers, or they are holding onto the reigns of life so tightly they have gotten stuck and can’t move forward. Not only will NLP help you to identify what you want; NLP will help you to find out what is truly important to you, what is within your control and help you to create a plan of action to create more success in your life. Sometimes we have beliefs, emotions, thoughts or other people in our life that hold us back. You will gain valuable tools to change and patterns which are not working in your favour so you can take back control of life. And, sometimes we haven’t yet given our self complete permission to be in charge. When you can start to define what control means to you...

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Be a better trainer

As trainers ourselves, we may be a bit biased when it comes to being a better trainer by incorporating NLP into what you do. But, we do know firsthand the difference it makes as a trainer to elevate the outcomes of participants and students by training to the conscious and unconscious minds. You see, when you are trained in NLP you are not only able to understand others better, you are able to communicate your message more accurately too. When we talk about using NLP to train we actually mean, incorporate NLP tools of communication, persuasion and understanding to deliver a message to a group of people, in a way that will fit best for each of them. This includes some amazing NLP tools including identifying and using the learning style of your participants, incorporating specific sensory specific words and phrases to engage your participants at different stages of the learning process and ensuring that your non-verbal language meets the verbal message you are delivering. This includes your gestures, facial expressions, tempo, tone and volume of your voice plus how you are standing, breathing and even moving. Additionally, with NLP you will learn how to include metaphors a teaching tools, how to use nested metaphors for more impact, how to create group rapport and cohesion tools, plus how to utilise Ericksonain language for a more impactful message. The list...

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Create training programs based on psychological needs

Have you ever been to a time management course? This is just one example of most training programs out there that are teaching the skills of already successful people to others who don’t have the mindset for it in the first place. Let’s take the time management course as an example, I’m yet to find a standard time management course that doesn’t teach – prioritise, plan your time, organise your day. And yes, this is what good time managers do, so it would be a reasonable option to train those concepts. But, if the people sitting in the training had the mindset to do those tasks, they wouldn’t be in a classroom learning again the steps to a successful day. This is where the aspects of NLP come in extremely useful in training. Sure, people need to be trained or taught the ‘how’, but what is most often missing in soft-skill type training (anything to do with people), is the mindset. When was the last time you saw a Time Management workshop and they talked about your beliefs and mindset? Have you ever heard a trainer sharing Time Management skills say that it is absolutely OK to procrastinate, be deadline driven and do your best work at the last minute? Probably not. However, if you came to one of our Time Management workshops that we run for our corporate...

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Improve your emotional Health

Have you ever felt out of control of your emotions? Perhaps you go through experiences where you are angry, sad, frustrated, jealous or even high emotions where it is hard to come down and relax. Sometimes it may feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster with no end in sight. Luckily, NLP contains some amazing and simple tools that will put you back in the drivers seat of your emotional health. First, you will identify the patterns and meta-states (states or emotions beyond your emotions) that make up your current emotional patterns. For example, we recently worked with...

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