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Identify what is important to others

As you were growing up and as you continued through life, aspects of certain things became important to you. In NLP, you will learn the concept of importance relates to values; and we have values about everything – how you spend your time and money, relationships, communication, falling in love, the work you so and so much more.   Many of our values were learned by us at a very young age – somewhere within the Imprint Period and modelling, the stages of 0-13 years old. They are a very unconscious aspect of ourselves and were learned by observing and...

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Create a Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Two of the premise NLP is based on is choice is better than no choice, and NLP should create choice and wholeness. Therefore, when we are looking at the aspect of a growth versus fixed mindset – NLP is focused on growth.   While some people do tend to have more of a fixed mindset, this isn’t a hardwired program – it is learned; and can be changed. We’ve found that the fixed mindset comes in when people don’t like change, have a fear of failure, a dislike of the unknown, desire certainty, are past-focused or are unable to associate...

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Find your authentic self

Do you know anyone who walks around the world with different masks? Like they have to be different people for different people? That would be a hard way to live – it would take a lot of emotional and physical energy to do!   NLP will help you to find your true, authentic self; and even give yourself permission to live in a congruent and authentic way. You will learn about your programs, filters, beliefs and values – which are the driving forces of who you are. And, you’ll learn how to change what isn’t working and to align what...

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Understand and better handle conflict

Do you know that some people think that conflict is a natural part of life? They may not exactly like conflict, but they handle it better because of this belief. And equally, there are many people who would do anything humanly possible to avoid conflict because it is uncomfortable and often means someone is going to get hurt.   One of the factors that you will understand from NLP is the concept of meta-program, or unconscious filters that make sense of our world. One such meta program explains easily how some people handle conflict better than others – it is...

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Create a stream of abundance

When you think of abundance, what do you think of? Most people think of money. And, having a stream of money would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Of course, abundance can come in any form of energy; time, money, health, physical energy, love, prosperity, friendship – any type of commodity of energy that is moved about.   From an NLP perspective, if you have any current (or old!) beliefs, behaviours, ideas or concepts of your identity that block you from creating abundance, you can address them. You will be able to change unresourceful beliefs, create new behaviours that are more aligned...

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