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Enhance your self-love

The things we do for ourselves do not always result in self love.  In fact sometimes they result in self sabotage or self-confusion or self-doubt. Most people do love themselves and evidence of this may show in the way they care for themselves. For instance, they get things like haircuts, clothes, holidays, cars, parties, drinks, as they seek and give love.  In other words, they take care of their outer self. But they often neglect or even badly treat their inner self. There is an NLP presupposition that says every behaviours has a position intention. Using NLP you can discover the intention for the way you behave, respond or act.  This will allow you to find better ways of reaching your positive intention and getting it in alignment with what you truly intend.  There are methods and tools to recover choice and change your behaviours and beliefs. NLP also says that you have all the resources to succeed. These resources may not be apparent; in fact they may be covered by negative thoughts or beliefs. So when we learn how to recognize them and begin to use these resourceful gems our inner self begins to change. When you do this you will find that balance and you will find the answers, attract love and esteem, balance and harmony into your life which will truly enhance your...

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Be a better Manager

  If you are a manager we have a simple question for you – how did you learn to be a manager? If your company or workplace provided you managerial training, they are leaps and bounds ahead of other places. Most people get promoted to a managerial position because they have worked toward that position, and often because they are the next in line. Often, managers don’t really possess qualities or skills of a manager but they are the candidate who was chosen. Regardless if you are already a great manager, new to management, forced to manage or aspire to manage others – the skills of NLP will help you to step your game up to the next level. When you learn NLP you will be learning the ultimate of interpersonal communication skills; and communication is often where there is a skills gap when it comes to management. Sure, people talk and give instructions and provide feedback – but is it provided in a way that is useful for the individual? You see, each of us filters information in a different way. From a fairly simplistic point of view, some people need instructions given in a procedural manner and others require more of an options focus, some people need to see what is required, others need to hear it and others need hands on experience before they understand something....

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Improve recruitment strategies

Employee retention can be greatly improved by hiring the right people in the first place. Unfortunately, too many old school recruitment techniques are still being used. I (Heidi) cringe whenever I hear “what do you think your strengths and weakness are”, or “give me an example in a previous job when you X”. Capability and behaviour based interviews don’t always find the best candidates for your roles. Recruitment generally works by soliciting resumes, looking through those resumes for someone who has the skillset or background that you are looking for, and when you get them in front of you, during the interview you’re looking for ‘are they the right fit’. What does that mean? The right fit? Is that skills or person?  Skills can be taught, mindset is a harder thing to train. Have you ever seen the most competent and skilled person hired for a job, but they still didn’t fit somehow? That’s mindset. With NLP, we look at a variety of unconscious filters that you can easily identify while talking to another person – and we match those to the filters that might be required for the job, the workplace, the team and the way the person will be managed. Instead of asking about a behavioural aspect, ask instead “tell me about an aspect of your current/past job that you truly enjoyed” – this will give you...

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Improve your spiritual Health

So what does NLP have to do with spiritual health? The answer – nothing, yet everything. From a purely scientific and neuro-science perspective, spirit is outside and separate to a person. However, from our own perspective and point of view – we humans are much more than just a mind and body, we are also spirit. This doesn’t necessarily mean God, angels, spirits or anything esoteric; however, depending on your beliefs, it might! For us, the spirituality of NLP encapsulates everything that is outside of ‘proof’. This might include energy, intuition, dreams, knowingness, the collective universal consciousness and yes – some of the esoteric elements. If you’ve ever studied any energetic healing like reiki, psychometry, quantum theory or even the law of attraction, you will already understand this aspect of spirituality. Everyone has had an experience where you walk into a room where a heated argument has just occurred. You can feel that energy, can’t you? That energy is simply matter. And we store this matter or energy inside and outside of ourselves. Sometimes, people have an energetic block that stops them from moving forward, continually provides examples of self-sabotage and draws to them what they don’t want in life. NLP contains a variety of tools that will help you to clear energetic blocks, create outlets to release negative energy, tap into positive resources and create a spiritual flow...

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Understand others

  In every single situation we filter what is going on around us and inside of us based on our personal history, our memories, our beliefs, our values and many other various unconscious filters (Meta Programs).  Once we filter an event, we automatically distort, delete and generalise it to make sense of it for ourselves. This is what is known as our Model of the World. This filtering process explains why you and your very best friend can have very different understandings of the exact same thing- because you have filtered it differently. Everything we do, every behaviour we have, every decision we make and everything we say is based on this filtering process. It is understood that the majority of our filters were built or created during our Imprint Stage. According to Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Morris Massey, between the ages of 0-7 is the Imprint Stage where we have very few filters in place and we start to create our beliefs, values and various other programs based on the people, environment and conditions around us. It is during this timeframe that the majority of our filters are created. If I have a friend who is very clingy and wants to check in with me on a more-than-regular-basis, a few questions and some observations may be able to tell me that this friend has a fear of being abandoned....

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