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Identify and improve your learning strategy

How did you learn how to learn? Did you take a class? Read a book? Did your parents sit down with you when you were little and take you step-by-step though a process of learning? Yeah, us neither.  We don’t learn how we learn, we just learn.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to unpack your learning strategy and tweak it to make it better and also be able to access it and use it anytime you want to learn anything you want easily? Guess what? NLP can help with that. With NLP, you will be able to...

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Get to Know Yourself

How well would you say you know yourself? Interestingly, the majority of your patterns of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs are largely unconscious – and are simply a part of what we do and how we act and how we behave. But, what if each and every thing you do is based on your programming? Would you know all of those programs? Or do you think you live life on auto-pilot? If you’ve ever heard anyone say something like “oh, that’s just how I am” – this is a loud alarm that really says, I don’t really know myself –...

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Develop skills for change management

Change is one of the most inevitable aspects of life; we all know how to change – we may not always like it, but we can do it. To have the skills to facilitate the management of change is a whole new skillset for people. With your skills of NLP you will be able to manage the process of change for yourself and others within a business. Because everyone is programmed a little differently, we each respond to change in a different way. How NLP helps manage this process is it takes into consideration the sameness and difference between...

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