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Improve your happiness

Do you believe that you are in charge or your mind, your life and your emotions? What if you did believe that, and what if you were? Would that change your level of happiness?   Too often when we talk to people about happiness, we are told things like “I’ll be happy when…” or “I’m not happy because of x”, or “x takes my happiness away”. All of these statements take happiness out of a persons control and puts happiness as something external to achieve or strive for.   We’re sure you know people who try to change their environment to create happiness –...

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Release negativity

Some people tend to be more naturally “negative nelly’s” or glass is half empty type of people – what makes them that way? And do they have to be that way?   The answer to the first is quite simple – what makes them that way, historical programming has created a belief that triggers the behaviours of negativity and negative thinking. In fact, why we do anything can be tracked back to beliefs that we created at some point in our lives.   The answer to the second question is also simple – do they have to be that way? Not...

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Improve workplace productivity

The personal benefits of NLP are well known, you can tap into your own state of productivity and increase your output. And, as a leader or manager, you also have the ability to influence the productivity of others within your workplace.   The majority of a person’s efficiency is the outcome of unconscious patterns, anchors, habits, and beliefs. With the skills of NLP, you will be able to identify what the triggers are for your teammates, colleagues, and employees that either motivate or demotivate them.   With this knowledge, you will be able to customize strategies for each person you work...

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Discover the goals behind your goals

Most people are motivated by having a goal – a goal that is attainable, achievable, and worthwhile to them.    These ‘background’ words – attainable, achievable, worthwhile (or whatever your specific words might be) are part of the meta goal of your goals. Meta is a Greek word that means beyond or above – so the goal of your goal.  Everything we do has some sort of intention or benefit for us, secondary gain if you will. If you have a goal that is attainable, achievable, and worthwhile (whatever it is – it might be getting a new job, starting a business, losing weight, finding a partner, saving...

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Be a better Teacher

As a teacher, you probably have a passion to making a difference to the lives of others. Regardless if you are teaching children or adults – most teachers have this in common. By using NLP in your classroom, you will be able to facilitate your students learning more effectively, even leaving a long-term impact of you and the lessons you have shared.   Teaching isn’t simply about imparting information so a test can be taken – teaching is a part of a larger element of education. Possibly one of the most important elements of education – helping students to develop...

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