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Improve Your Productivity

Do you know your psychological make-up for when you are at your most productive? That might be workplace productivity or in any aspect of life. The most likely answer is, no; because most people are not aware of what makes them productive and what holds them back.   However, with NLP training you will be able to identify what patterns of emotions, behaviours, thoughts and beliefs propel you forward. Additionally, you will identify anything that might be standing in your way from being as productive as you desire.   Applying the NLP tools, you will have the ability to change or...

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Find Your Purpose

What is your purpose? Are you supposed to have one? Does everyone have one? How would you know if you found it?   These are questions that clients ask a lot when it comes to finding their purpose. And we don’t know the answers to any of these questions. But you do.   When you learn NLP, you will be developing a strong sense of rapport with your unconscious and higher conscious mind. It is your higher conscious mind that truly knows your purpose and mission in life. This is the all-knowing part of your mind – some people call it...

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Leave a legacy

Do you want to leave a legacy? That is, something for people to remember you by. Or maybe they don’t remember you specifically, but something you did or created or encouraged in others?   Recently I was having a conversation about NLP helping someone to leave a legacy and was asked quite incredulously “how can NLP help me leave a legacy? Like I do a process and people remember me?” Well, no.   NLP will help you to leave a legacy because NLP is more than just a set of tools. It is an attitude.   Richard Bandler, one of the founders...

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Be in the now

What are you aware of right now? We invite you to stop reading and notice this, what are you aware of right now?   Are you aware of what happened before you began reading this? Or perhaps you are aware of what you are going to do later?  Whatever you are aware of, we are sure it is more than just this moment, your now. And, in a way that is unfortunate because you are missing a small part of your now – a moment in time you will never get back.   Now, if you are just sitting here reading...

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Improve Your Relationship with Time

Strange question, but what is your relationship with time like?   Some people have a hard time with time – being late, rushed, waiting until a deadline, getting anxious, creating stress, and getting lost in time. And other people, are good friends with time. They manage time well, prioritize, get things done, are early, know how much time is left, and plan well.   We all know that time doesn’t actually exist. Well, sure, the sun goes around the earth every 24 hours, but the concept of time is a man-made aspect. Your mind and body don’t know or understand time....

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