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Become more mindful

For the past few years the concept of mindfulness has become all the rage. When we talk about being mindful, people tell us their initial thoughts of it include meditation, finding a zen-like state and yogic breathing. And yes, that is one type of mindfulness – but what NLP can help you achieve is mindfulness during your daily life. Ultimately, being mindful simply means being aware. Aware of yourself, the impact you are making in the moment and aware of others around you. In daily life, meditating may not help you be more aware in the moment – but...

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Identify someone else’s beliefs

What do you believe to be true about climate change? How about owning a pet? Swimming in the ocean? Space travel? Your own personal growth and learning?  Just like so many other things in our world – we have believes about everything. Your beliefs are the truths you hold – and the more emotionally charged they are, the more power and conviction they will have in your life.  For the most part, people tend to take beliefs for granted. We assume that because we’re friends or family with others, because we work together, live together or share common experiences...

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Be a better Health Professional

Throughout the world health professionals are known for a lack of bedside manner, for dolling out drugs and to look for a diagnosis rather than aim for a cure. Now, we know not all health professionals fit into this broad generalisation, but enough do that more and more people are turning to alternative medicines and practices. From an NLP perspective, we know that the mind and body are connected therefore affect each other – when you learn how to use NLP with others, you will be looking at both. We have trained hundreds of health professionals – medical doctors,...

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Create success

We are sure you’re successful already, which is what you should be! But what if you could really get to know yourself in a way that would help you to create even more success in your life? With NLP, you will learn about your unconscious filters which connect directly to your success strategies. Some of these include your motivational drivers, what you are pulled toward or pushed away from, compelling instincts of counting or discounting, patterns of flexibility, emotional intelligence and more.  We know that when you know better that allows you to do better. So, not only will...

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Become more Positive

A person’s viewpoint of positive optimism or more negative based thinking is often a product of unconscious programming. Our programming is made generally of our past experiences which develops into beliefs, emotions, behaviours, habits and aspects of our identity.  If one of your goals is to create a more positive outlook on the world, yourself or an aspect of life, NLP can help with that.  The idea that NLP can help you to be more positive is one of NLP’s biggest principles.   When you use the techniques and strategies of NLP, it will help to sort through your own...

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