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Step into wholeness

Have you ever experienced a feeling like there was a battle going on in your life? Perhaps its like you are being pulled in different directions? Or you heart says one thing but your brain says another? Maybe you really want to follow your dreams, but something stops you?  In NLP, we call these internal battles parts. Simply put, different parts of ourselves in conflict with each other. Various studies of the mind have found that when we have one direction and one focus, as humans we actually function more effectively. We tend to be happier, more motivated, more...

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Improve your communication skills

Do you think you are a good communicator? We are sure you are – most people are good communicators. Some people are horrific – they don’t pay attention, they mind read, they don’t listen, they make assumptions, they aren’t present mentally or emotionally in conversations; I think we’ve all communicated with someone like that. Interestingly, it generally isn’t the horrific communicators who are interested in NLP in the first place! After all, to improve your communication skills, you have to first know that they can be improved and be open to learning. Often, horrific communicators a) don’t know they...

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Create work/life integration

Do you have balance in your life? Work/life balance? Not many people actually do. We don’t work and live in a balanced way. Generally, people work for 8-10 hours per day, 5 days a week. In the day, people are awake often for another 5 or so hours on work days, and we’re asleep the rest. That’s not balance. In the early 2000’s the concept of Work/Life Balance became all the buzz. But, as we’ve already looked at – balance was doomed from the start! What if, instead of balance you sought work/life integration. More and more, people and...

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Improve your influence skills

We each have our own way of seeing the world – and we like to be right. When you are wanting to influence another person, you have to be able to understand how they see the world and get in there with them; to help them see your perspective through their view of the world. As we have said, a key word with a lot of NLP is influence. When you are influential you have the capacity to have an effect on the character, state, choice or behaviour of someone else.  Trainers, managers, parents, sales professionals, customer services representatives,...

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Create goals and a pathway to achieving them

How do you create goals? When we ask most people, they tell us that they figure out what they want and then start working toward it. Most don’t write it down, tell anyone else, create a plan or really associate into their goals. So, if you already do any of that, you are ahead of the game! In NLP we have a step-by-step tool called the Well Formed Outcome, it is a strategy that uses mainly aspects of your unconscious (non thinking) mind to identify, connect with and strategize the achievement of a goal. It is a formula that...

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