As a teacher, you probably have a passion to making a difference to the lives of others. Regardless if you are teaching children or adults – most teachers have this in common. By using NLP in your classroom, you will be able to facilitate your students learning more effectively, even leaving a long-term impact of you and the lessons you have shared.  

Teaching isn’t simply about imparting information so a test can be taken – teaching is a part of a larger element of education. Possibly one of the most important elements of education – helping students to develop a strong sense of self, self-esteem and self-confidence.   

When you learn NLP and incorporate these skills into the classroom, you will be not only communicating and teaching your subject matter more elegantly to your students unconscious awareness, you will also be impacting them positively in many ways.  

In addition to amazing tools such as identifying and using your students preferred learning style, being able to ask more effective questions, developing sensory acuity skills to recognize when learning ‘fits’ or not, you will have a toolbox of so many other skills.  

Many teachers blend NLP skills like setting Resource Anchors with their students to anchor, or trigger the classroom environment to be a positive experience, boost the morale of the students, to establish a sense of safety to learn and make mistakes.   

By learning how to communicate in an influential manner, you will also be able to identify and use the best learning strategies of your students, identify how they best take in and retain information and how they are most effectively motivated. You will be able to ascertain how to encourage, praise, reprimand, coach and inspire each student in the way they need.  

From lesson planning, creating anchors, using sensory learning, non-verbal cues, and so much more there are so many ways to include NLP in your classroom. Not only will you enjoy the teaching process more, your students will be delighted with NLP being used in the classroom to help them bloom!