What are you aware of right now? We invite you to stop reading and notice this, what are you aware of right now?  

Are you aware of what happened before you began reading this? Or perhaps you are aware of what you are going to do later?  Whatever you are aware of, we are sure it is more than just this moment, your now. And, in a way that is unfortunate because you are missing a small part of your now – a moment in time you will never get back.  

Now, if you are just sitting here reading this, that might not matter so much. But, when you are with a friend or loved one, you may be missing out on precious time while being consumed or distracted by things that don’t actually belong in your now.  

NLP will help you to become more aware of your moments and more able to be in the now. You will learn a process called clearing your now, created by Dr. Heidi that’s purpose is specifically to help you be more present. You’ll also be able to create an anchor, which is a stimulus that can help trigger your state of being present. Additionally, if you have a pattern of worrying, fidgeting, being distracted, overwhelmed, or focused on things other than the present – you will gain skills about how to change those unuseful patterns.  

You see, some people don’t want to live more in the now because they have unconscious programming that requires certainty – and the now can be sometimes uncertain as you don’t know what is coming up next, so being in the now turns into being in the unknown future! So, living in the past or future becomes easier. Of course, you can’t continually live in the now – how would you plan for the future or learn from the past? But you should be able to spend a good amount of time in your now. So, if there are patterns or programs that stop you from doing so – you can alter them with NLP.  

Perhaps you are already aware of the great benefits of being in the now? To name just a few, as an enticement to live more in the present – being in the now will help you to have more energy, more time and be more engaged in relationships; you will be able to manage pain more effectively; choose what you eat, fully enjoy food and eat less of it! Being more in the now will help you to be more creative, and less judgemental and will also help you to identify what is really going on with you.  

Imagine that, being able fully to experience life more, in ways that can allow you more pleasure – in the now.