Not so long ago, when someone mentioned a Coach, people thought about sports. Then the introduction of Executive Coaches evolved and eventually Life Coaches. It is now a field on its own and more and more people are seeking the guidance of a Coach.

NLP, although originally modelled on psychotherapy, has the foundation for a strong and robust coaching modality. While some schools merely add in a few of the communication tools, NLP is the only tool we teach to our NLP Coaches.

You see, most traditional coaching schools teach a format that helps a Coachee to identify what they want and the steps necessary to get there; the Coach then provides motivation and accountability to the Coachee. Often, the Coaches are taught that if emotions or psychological barriers come up, they should refer the client on to a therapist.

NLP goes many steps above and beyond this. NLP is focused on the whole person, starting with their unconscious mind. It is the unconscious mind that truly drives a person to success.

First, NLP contains a Communication Model that outlines how a person filters information, skills to become more sensory aware of what your client is saying (and not saying), tools to build a supportive rapport, and questioning techniques to uncover what may be hidden from the conscious mind, including beliefs, emotions, and other barriers that may hold a person back.

Secondly, after using the communication skills of NLP as a Coach, you will then have an arsenal of tools available to you to create goals that are well-formed in idea, belief, emotion, structure, and execution; to help to build any resources, attitudes, attributes, or skills that are needed; and to help clear any interferes to success that may come up.

As a Coach, you can use your NLP skills in any type of Coaching situation: personal, life, executive, corporates team, group, sporting—you name it! Your NLP skills will give you the resources to assist your clients to obtain and even go beyond their goals. And, at the same time, the skills and resources you are helping them to access and build are transferable to every aspect of life.

Coaching sessions with NLP are very similar to traditional Coaching: you can work with people in individual sessions, or you can create packages. The most common package we see to achieve a goal is 3-6 months, but that could be expanded depending on the breadth of a goal or outcome.

To become an NLP Coach, there is no pre-requisite learning or experience needed. Our full NLP Coach Certification program takes approximately 12 months to complete and you will start working with clients well before then as you practice and refine your NLP Coaching skills.