Who do you trust more a close friend or family member, or yourself?

As you think about that for a moment, we might even need to ponder a deeper question. What is self-trust? Is it self-confidence, reliance on yourself, faith in you? Perhaps – but maybe it’s more than that. We believe that self-trust is the ability to rely upon your inner resources to navigate the world. Your inner resources include your emotions, physical body and mental capacities. And it is most likely something that we learn over time.

We have met many people in the world with a low level of self-trust. When we enquire further about where this comes from, we learn a lot about this belief. And, it is simply a belief or a truth you hold about yourself. If you have self-trust or not, this belief is made up of your programming from past experiences and how you filtered what has happened.

Often adults who we work with using NLP to build self-trust share with us experiences in the past where as children their parents made all of the decisions for them, the choices they did make were criticised, they did something that they were disciplined for or they were told by someone else that they were not good at making decisions. Any of these things as a child or adolescent could shape the beliefs one holds about themselves.

When you have the ability to trust yourself this leads to more positive self-esteem, positive regard for yourself and confidence.

A few signs that you may not have a healthy level of self-trust would be a feeling of doubt when you are making a decision, always seeking external advice or endorsement before doing something, a lack of confidence when it comes to following-through on something you want to do.

When you learn NLP, you will be more skilled to identify a pattern of self-trust within yourself and others. You will also gain NLP techniques that will assist you to clear or change patterns and beliefs that go with a low level of self-trust; and you will learn to enhance the resources you do have while building your own trust in your ability to use these resources.

What would you world be like when you can not only trust yourself more, but you can truly rely on your inner resources to navigate your world in the best way possible? It will feel like magic.