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Develop Coaching skills

If you are a manager, leader, owner, sales professional or anyone who leads, influences or motivates others, then developing Coaching Skills could be an imperative skill you pick up from NLP.

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Set yourself up for more success

Regardless of what kind of ‘business’ you are in, NLP can help you set yourself up for more success. It doesn’t matter if you own a business, are a receptionist, salesperson, parent, artist, coach, trainer, shelf stocker – you...

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Improve Customer Service Skills

  We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “the customer is always right”, but is that really true? Of course not! But – from an NLP angle, the way the customer sees something is right, for them. When an event happens, we filter...

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Improve Your Leadership Skills

  Business could easily be boiled down to one critical skill – leadership. Leadership of your team, your clients, your community and most importantly, leadership of yourself. There is a debate in the world – “is leadership...

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Improve Recruitment Strategies

Employee retention can be greatly improved by hiring the right people in the first place. Unfortunately, too many old school recruitment techniques are still being used. I (Heidi) cringe whenever I hear “what do you think your...

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