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Promote quick healing

The human body is truly remarkable. Without thinking, alarms, timers or reminders our unconscious mind is working behind the scenes to keep our body fresh. In fact, did you know that your body is continually regenerating itself?...

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Create a sense of internal safety

  The base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is made up of what he considers our human basic needs; the physiology needs like water, food, warmth and rest and our security needs. Without these basic needs being met, there will...

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Improve Your Physical Health

  Do you realise that your mind and body are connected, and affect each other? Do you also realise that it is the unconscious part of your mind that is responsible for every bodily function you have? This includes the...

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Communicate with the Unconscious Mind

The majority of the things you do in your life are directed by what is in your unconscious mind.  Communicating with the unconscious mind is something we do without realizing we are doing so. And as Carl Jung said ‘ until...

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