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Be a better HR Professional

Many years ago, when I (Heidi) had a real job I worked in Human Resources Management. I recall a companywide meeting once where the HR team was accused of not being human, only having resources. When I heard this, I started to...

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Be a Better Sales Person

Are you a good listener, are you conscientious, persistent, coachable, respectful, positive, passionate, resilient, personable and fairly independent? If so – you will be a great salesperson. According to, these...

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Be a Better Leaders

Whenever we train NLP and Leadership workshops, one of the questions we always ask upfront is what is the difference between a leader and a manager? There are usually many different answers – the most common boils down to:...

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Be a Better Trainer

As trainers ourselves, we may be a bit biased when it comes to being a better trainer by incorporating NLP into what you do. But, we do know firsthand the difference it makes as a trainer to elevate the outcomes of participants...

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