What do you believe to be true in your world? True about yourself, your life, the world around you, other people, communication, money, time, aging, relationships? If you know them or not, you have beliefs about everything. Everything!  

A belief is a truth you hold with emotions behind it.   

The majority of our beliefs were developed during the imprint stage in life between the ages of 0-7, and some were learned later in life – you may have even created a new belief today.  

We learn our beliefs through the world around us – and our beliefs make up a very large part of our model of the world. Most of the beliefs you have support you in your life, and some hold you back.  

If you’ve ever asked the question “why do I do x?” – the simple answer is: because you have a belief that supports that behaviour. And, to truly change that behaviour you need to address the belief behind it.  Not all of our beliefs make logical sense, and most of the time we may not be consciously aware of what we believe.  

Whist our beliefs are largely unconscious, NLP provides a variety of tools to help you to identify your beliefs, and even more to change them.   

For example, we were working with a guy who was having issues with money. Whatever he did, whatever he earned, whatever he spent – was always gone before the month was up. When we dove into the unconscious patterns that were connected to this he identified a belief that “I can’t be more well off than my family or friends – it they go without, I have to too”.  

This wasn’t something that he had ever consciously thought of, but the pattern in his life was very strong and pervasive.  

In NLP, identifying the belief isn’t enough. We want to actually change beliefs that are interferences to our desired states.  Some of the NLP processes that you’ll learn include unconscious pattern change, reimprinting, change personal history, parts integration, neurological levels alignment, submodality belief change, colliding and colluding beliefs, belief change cycle, and many more!