Have you ever wondered why you do something, or why you behave in certain way, make certain choices or why life has turned out the way it has? The question “why” is probably the most asked question in the world. We humans are instinctively curious. Would you like the answer to this why question? Here it is –

You do what you do and how you do it because you have beliefs that support every decision you make.

Consciously or unconsciously, you have a belief about absolutely everything. And, if you think about your unconscious mind like a servant, it just follows orders from you. We have strong beliefs that we know about – I am a good person, I’m not good with money, I am successful, etc., and we also have beliefs that lay below the surface and are less apparent in our lives, and probably more powerful.

According to Morris Massey, a Developmental Psychologist, between the ages of 0-7 we have very few filters in place and take in most of what we see, hear and feel as truth. So, if we observe or overhear something (especially if it is from other who are important to us), our unconscious mind starts to code our beliefs, and our future is run off of those beliefs.

Some unresourceful beliefs that some of our students have been able to identify and change include things like jealousy that was created when a new sibling was brought home, money limitations due to a father being out of work and the family struggling financially, weight gain because the parents told their child they were to little to handle the stress, slow learning style because they were told they were stupid as a kid, fear and anger and depression because of overseeing and overhearing adult conversations that had nothing to do with the person themselves.

With the skills of NLP you will learn a variety of techniques to help you to identify and change any unresourceful beliefs you find. We know from an NLP standpoint, your unconscious mind works on the programming you provide it – and, with the tools available you might as well provide yourself with the best programming you can!