The majority of the things you do in your life are directed by what is in your unconscious mind.  Communicating with the unconscious mind is something we do without realizing we are doing so. And as Carl Jung said ‘ until you make your unconscious mind consciously aware things will happen and you will call it fate.

Imagine having a way to communicate with your dear unconscious mind so you can direct your thoughts from the inside out.  For instance, when you tell yourself you will do something and then find you don’t follow through. Like giving up a habit or sticking to a diet or exercise regime. You may have two different internal programs going on. One that says ‘yes to this’ and the other that says – no or that won’t work or we did that before and it doesn’t work.

NLP teaches us how to communicate with the unconscious mind and how to program it so it serves us rather than us serving any unproductive programming.