Have you met your higher self? Your higher self is your all good, all knowing, all powerful self. No, we’re not talking about God – but it may be in similar likeness.

Now, NLP doesn’t have a spiritual foundation and some schools of NLP do not look at the concept of a higher self. But with NLP Worldwide, we do. We believe that a person is much more than a mind and body – we also have a spiritual connection. Call it what you will, we believe there is something bigger, more powerful and more purposeful than just our mind and body.

With NLP, we look at you having three minds – the conscious, unconscious and higher conscious mind. The Conscious mind is responsible for thinking, analysing and reasoning. The unconscious mind is what we are interested in from an NLP perspective, it is the storehouse of all memories, emotions, it runs your body, keeps you safe and is the starting place for all of your programming. Your higher conscious mind is outside of all of this, and it is responsible for things like intuition, knowingness, ethereal awareness and a connection with something more than us as human beings.

Many people have an idea that their higher conscious and higher self exists, but they don’t have a way to tap into it. Some people don’t believe it because they don’t have any proof of its existence. And other people have a strong connection that they rely on, trust and connect with regularly. 

NLP actually has quite a few tools that will help you to build a relationship with your higher self. It has always been there, but sometimes we don’t know how to connect to it. Using a few techniques from NLP, you can create an open loop of communication from your higher conscious mind to your unconscious mind to your conscious mind. 

Being more open, connected and responsive to your higher self has many benefits. To name just a few – you will develop a stronger sense of intuition, your souls purpose will become clearer, answers to your questions will be more easily found, you’ll be more in control of your happiness, you will have more self-love, more authentic connection with yourself, and you’ll never be alone.

Through the years, one of our favourite moments of working with NLP is when someone is connected and meets their higher self for the first time. It is magical to watch, and an absolute delight and joy to experience. Have you met your higher self yet?