When you think of abundance, what do you think of? Most people think of money. And, having a stream of money would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Of course, abundance can come in any form of energy; time, money, health, physical energy, love, prosperity, friendship – any type of commodity of energy that is moved about.  

From an NLP perspective, if you have any current (or old!) beliefs, behaviours, ideas or concepts of your identity that block you from creating abundance, you can address them. You will be able to change unresourceful beliefs, create new behaviours that are more aligned with what you want, realign your thinking to draw toward you more of what you want; and you’ll even be able to address WHO you are and make sure the identity you portray to the world is also in alignment with what you desire to bring into your life.  

If you have beliefs or ideas that something is hard, or takes hard work, or has to be challenging to be rewarding, a stream of abundance would look more like white-water rapids!  The unconscious mind works with the Law of Attraction – where your attention goes your energy flows – so, you might as well use NLP to help you align yourself with an abundance of everything you want!