Have you ever noticed that planning for business and personal goals tend to be a different task? Even if the business is yours! This is because the business is about more than just yourself, and sometimes people feel there is more at stake in a business; and sometimes there is.

With your NLP skills you will be able to take an objective viewpoint of your business, your role in it, who else is or needs to be involved and how it affects others. Unlike most personal goals, your business goals involve others.

NLP contains many tools to help you to get out of your emotional/personal mindset and more critically create goals that are realistic, achievable and manageable; with steps along the way and added benefits of accessing and building resources – which might include other people!

The Well-Formed Outcome is the best of the NLP goal setting tools, but this accompanied by aspects of Perceptual Positions, Disney Planning Process and using a Goal in the Future technique will set you and your business goals and plans up for success!