How do you create goals? When we ask most people, they tell us that they figure out what they want and then start working toward it. Most don’t write it down, tell anyone else, create a plan or really associate into their goals. So, if you already do any of that, you are ahead of the game!

In NLP we have a step-by-step tool called the Well Formed Outcome, it is a strategy that uses mainly aspects of your unconscious (non thinking) mind to identify, connect with and strategize the achievement of a goal. It is a formula that encapsulates emotion, visualisation, steps and even what is known as an evidence procedure.

A great tool you will learn with NLP is the Meta Model, which are questions to help create more specificity and take out the ambiguous elements to a conversation or a thought. With the use of these questions with the Well Formed Outcome, you are learning how to not just create a goal, but structure it in such a way that the unconscious mind is compelled to be drawn toward it and away from what life is like without this goal.

The unconscious mind is a miraculous tool, and the more you understand how yours is programmed you can use your programming and strategies to make achieving your goals even easier now.