Tony Robbins is known to declare that to be happy we need to have both certainty and uncertainty in our lives. However, many people find certainty boring or too rigid or too familiar. Often times, we see these people and call them ‘risk takers’ or ‘adrenaline junkies’ or ‘drama queens’ – creating uncertainty when certainty could easily exist.   

What is it that makes one person crave the unknown and uncertainty and others are drawn more to what they can count on? The simple answer – is beliefs.  

If a person believes that change is the only certainty, they are going to be more familiar and possibly more comfortable with uncertainty. This in turn can lead to things in life like an inability to be stable in relationships, jobs, living situations and more. It creates a driver for change. Which, isn’t necessarily useful for creating long-term stability.  

With NLP, you can create more certainty in your life by addressing any patterns of beliefs and emotions which may not align with certainty and developing a desire for more stability and security. This might mean taking out the ‘boring’ beliefs and increasing desire for sameness.  

Now, this doesn’t mean creating a total life of certainty – remember, we need a balance of certainty and uncertainty in our lives.