Sensory acuity is a great skill to have with others and the world around you, it is also an exceptional tool to have for yourself. Too many people don’t put their own needs first and they don’t recognise when their mind/body are communicating to them.

With NLP and sensory acuity skills, you will also learn to tune more into yourself. You’ll be able to listen and trust your unconscious mind more, notice more of your intuition, be clearer in your mind and more determined in your way of being.

What we’ve found is when our students start to apply their sensory acuity skills with themselves, they begin to better respect their own model of the world and start to give them what they need. Imagine really being able to understand what you need from yourself!

And guess what, those little aches and pains, or a headache, or hunger when you’re stressed, or the need for a cigarette, or depression or anxiety – all of that is your body’s way to communicate to you. Won’t it be great to have the tools available to truly be able to listen to yourself in a new and more powerful way!