Do you have balance in your life? Work/life balance? Not many people actually do. We don’t work and live in a balanced way. Generally, people work for 8-10 hours per day, 5 days a week. In the day, people are awake often for another 5 or so hours on work days, and we’re asleep the rest. That’s not balance.

In the early 2000’s the concept of Work/Life Balance became all the buzz. But, as we’ve already looked at – balance was doomed from the start!

What if, instead of balance you sought work/life integration. More and more, people and companies (and countries!!!) are understanding that flexible work hours, telecommuting, creating more workplace flexibility creates better employees and a better workplace.

In 2015, Denmark was rated the top country for work/life integration; they deem their success in many aspects of their citizens’ balance to working short weeks and having family-friendly workplaces. Sweden has a 30 hour workweek or 6 hour workday to ensure employees have adequate time with their family, friends and themselves.

So, how can NLP help with this? NLP can help you create a mindset of productivity and leisure. This means, when you are working you can be working efficiently and productively to do your job in a very time effective manner; and when the workday is done, you are able to switch gears into more of a leisure mode – whatever that means for you.

The olden day rules of 40+ hours a week, being chained to a desk and golden handcuffs do not need to exist anymore. In fact, more people than ever before are choosing to have a job versus a career. With NLP, you will be able to identify the values you have of a job, career, leisure time and personal time to make sure you get your values met.

What if, a job was all you needed to create an income stream in order to get your life values met? For most people, this would mean they would spend more time doing what they enjoy and integrating their work and life into a harmony of sorts.