What makes people difficult? What we find mostly is that people are labelled as ‘difficult’ when they are different to us.

Everyone has a different Model of the World – and sometimes difficult people have a vastly different model than we do. In general life, we see people either avoiding or trying to challenge the difficult person. NLP looks at it a bit differently.

If someone is different to us and there is resistance in our communication, NLP sees this simply as a lack of rapport. So, to deal with that difficult person you can spend a few minutes building rapport and starting to understand where they are coming from.

Additionally, NLP has a few extra tools that will help you to be able to associate into that other person to gain an even better understanding of where they are coming from. A tool called Perceptual Positions will help you to look from your perspective, their perspective and a true observer perspective to gain a better understanding from various points of views. We also look at what the Positive Intention is behind any behaviour and understand this to be a part of a person’s filtering process.

With the use of rapport, understanding a person’s beliefs, values, positive intention and even by stepping into their shoes – handing those difficult people becomes a very easy task. In no time, with NLP, you’ll become the person who can get along with everyone very easily