develop more self-worth

Are you worthy? Have you ever felt unworthy? Worthy of what you may ask? Anything you desire… worthy of love, happiness, a great job, money, time, peace, freedom, a life well lived – anything you desire. 

What if, as a newborn, you have all the self-worth you need. Think about that, a newborn child is not concerned about how much time, money, effort or value they have.  They don’t have to do anything to receive love, food, care, shelter or clothing. They just have to be

But, for some people, this changes over time and the concept of self-worth becomes conditional. Conditional on doing a good job, getting good grades, being a good child, being quiet, helping others, making someone else laugh or safe. Conditional self-worth can be detrimental in many ways; a person may create the need for external validation from others, a self-concept that is dependent on external factors or even a belief that they are simply not worthy of what was granted to us upon birth. 

With NLP, you will be able to identify beliefs or conditions placed on your self-worth and create a change to these unconscious factors in life. If when you were born you didn’t have to do anything at all to be worthy, what it be like if the same were true for you now? 

You will be able to unharness any conditions to your self worth and elevate your own worth to natural levels of being and worthiness. Just like when you were born!