Change is one of the most inevitable aspects of life; we all know how to change – we may not always like it, but we can do it. To have the skills to facilitate the management of change is a whole new skillset for people.

With your skills of NLP you will be able to manage the process of change for yourself and others within a business. Because everyone is programmed a little differently, we each respond to change in a different way. How NLP helps manage this process is it takes into consideration the sameness and difference between the message being communicated and how it is communicated to different people, teams, cultures, etc.

One of the Presuppositions of NLP is to respect another persons model of the world. From a change management perspective, this means understanding that people are different from each other and one message doesn’t suffice with a team or large group.

A fundamental tool used within change management is NLP’s Meta Programs. Meta Programs are the unconscious filters we each have which help make sense of our world. You will learn how to identify the Meta Programs of others and how best to communicate toward those programs in order to facilitate change in a more cohesive manner.

For example, some people have an instant convincer strategy. That is, you tell them what is happening and why and they agree, comply with the changes instantly. Others have an over-time or a number-of-times convincer strategy. These people need a message delivered consistently either over time or a number of time before they will trust and change. Other people still have a never-convinced strategy and until they are appeased in different way will balk at change and may not adapt easily. Even with this last category, there are other Meta Programs which will influence change, create safety, and encourage the modification of attitude, behaviours, beliefs and sometimes identity.