Most people are motivated by having a goal – a goal that is attainable, achievable, and worthwhile to them.   

These ‘background’ words – attainable, achievable, worthwhile (or whatever your specific words might be) are part of the meta goal of your goals. Meta is a Greek word that means beyond or above – so the goal of your goal.  Everything we do has some sort of intention or benefit for us, secondary gain if you will. If you have a goal that is attainable, achievable, and worthwhile (whatever it is – it might be getting a new job, starting a business, losing weight, finding a partner, saving money, buying a house, etc.) – achieving this goal creates a sense of achievement, satisfaction, self-confidence, self-belief, and many other by-products.  

By discovering the hidden agenda behind your goals can help you to become even more motivated, determined, and focused on achieving your goals. And, while we always have invisible meta-goals like we just talked about – there are often times more obvious meta-goals.  

For example, a person who wants to step up in their profession and job and seek advancement or promotion may have additional meta-goals such as the promotion giving them more money, the money provides more stability, stability provides a sense of security and security can lead to higher self-confidence to attract a partner into their lives.   

Or, recently, we worked with a person who wanted to write a book and her goal behind this goal was to become a motivational speaker on the speaking circuit. Sometimes it just takes a spark from one goal to create the momentum for the next. By understanding the internal or external goals beyond your goals you’ll have an even bigger spark to create from.