enhance self love

The things we do for ourselves do not always result in self love.  In fact sometimes they result in self sabotage or self-confusion or self-doubt.

Most people do love themselves and evidence of this may show in the way they care for themselves. For instance, they get things like haircuts, clothes, holidays, cars, parties, drinks, as they seek and give love.  In other words, they take care of their outer self. But they often neglect or even badly treat their inner self.

There is an NLP presupposition that says every behaviours has a position intention. Using NLP you can discover the intention for the way you behave, respond or act.  This will allow you to find better ways of reaching your positive intention and getting it in alignment with what you truly intend.  There are methods and tools to recover choice and change your behaviours and beliefs.

NLP also says that you have all the resources to succeed. These resources may not be apparent; in fact they may be covered by negative thoughts or beliefs. So when we learn how to recognize them and begin to use these resourceful gems our inner self begins to change. When you do this you will find that balance and you will find the answers, attract love and esteem, balance and harmony into your life which will truly enhance your self-love.