In the late 1800s, a gentleman named Charles Duell was the head of the US Patents department and it is understood that he tried to encourage his the government to shut it down because “everything that can be invented has been invented.”  It’s a good thing Mr. Duell didn’t have NLP skills to help him be more influential!  

Can you imagine that? At the turn of the century if everything that could have been made, had already been made. This is an example of a fixed mindset – there is only one way to do something.  

When you learn NLP, you will be empowered to begin to think outside of the square, to look for options, alternatives, and possibilities; otherwise known as the growth mindset.  

An NLP Presupposition states the person with the most flexibility can control the situation, when we are talking about control here, we’re talking about the ability to influence, persuade, entice and promote choice. After all, the choice is always better than no choice.