We humans are funny creatures. We tend to treat others how we want to be treated; which kind of makes sense – when it comes to morals, ethics and human needs. However, when it comes to what motivates us, what we believe or what we do, each of us is as different as our fingerprints.

With NLP you will learn how to identify what motivates other people – from a communication standpoint, this is useful information. If you are a manager, parent, coach, teacher, personal trainer, doctor, or really, anyone who wants to motivate others this skill will come in handy.

The motivations of people is largely dependant on their values and beliefs. Some various motivations might be things like time, money, gratitude, energy, touch, affection, love, responsibility, freedom, health or a multitude of other possibilities.

With NLP you will learn questioning and observation skills which will help you to identify the motivational drivers of others.