Do you know anyone who walks around the world with different masks? Like they have to be different people for different people? That would be a hard way to live – it would take a lot of emotional and physical energy to do!  

NLP will help you to find your true, authentic self; and even give yourself permission to live in a congruent and authentic way. You will learn about your programs, filters, beliefs and values – which are the driving forces of who you are. And, you’ll learn how to change what isn’t working and to align what is so that you are more free to just be yourself.  

Too many times masks come up when a person doesn’t feel safe or comfortable in a situation; and we think this is very normal. But, what happens if a person doesn’t feel safe or comfortable in general? We have met a lot of people, students and clients, who tell us things like “I think people will eventually notice that I’m a fraud” (in my job, relationship, life, etc.)  – because not being authentic is hard.  

With your NLP skills you’ll be building more self-confidence, tapping into your self-worth and removing the layers of protection, barriers and boundaries that may have been put up over the years. One of the absolute best things for us as NLP Trainers, we get to watch those layers come off and a beautiful you emerge from within!