Do you know what you are passionate about? What you love? What you enjoy?  We hope so. But, we also know that so many people get caught up in the day-to-day aspects of life that they miss the Passion aspect of life.

Is it imperative to know what your passions are? No, probably not – but it helps when you’re looking to increase your levels of happiness and flow in life. And, we’re not talking about passions that you can create into workplace activities necessarily, but passions you can indulge in as a past time or with friends or even in the workplace.

We’ve found too many people who think they need to find a passion and then find work within their passion. But, that doesn’t always work out. If you have a passion for knitting, you might not actually be able to create a sustainably paying job to just knit. Or perhaps you’re passionate about helping others – you may or may not be able to land the perfect job to help you do that. But, when you can find your passions and find out how to add them into your life – even with your current job or situation, you will be more fulfilled, whole and happy!

With NLP, you will learn to identify your values, motivational strategies and patterns which make your heart sing. When you know this information, you can use it to channel into your life, tap into your passions and create even more greatness in your day!