What is your purpose? Are you supposed to have one? Does everyone have one? How would you know if you found it?  

These are questions that clients ask a lot when it comes to finding their purpose. And we don’t know the answers to any of these questions. But you do.  

When you learn NLP, you will be developing a strong sense of rapport with your unconscious and higher conscious mind. It is your higher conscious mind that truly knows your purpose and mission in life. This is the all-knowing part of your mind – some people call it the greater whole, collective unconscious, or universal consciousness, or even spirituality. And, some people don’t believe in it because they can’t see or feel it.  

Through understanding yourself, connecting with your higher self, trusting your unconscious mind, and truly getting to know yourself – you will find answers for yourself about what is important for you, what you believe, how you get motivated, and how you fit best in your world.  

From NLP, some people have found their purpose is in helping others, solving a problem or creating a solution. Some have identified their purpose is to raising their children the best they can, spread a positive message or shed light for the world. We’ve met people who have come to their own understanding that their purpose in this life is simply to be happy.   

Regardless of who you are, where you are or what you’ve been doing with your live, NLP will help you to better understand you and help you to find your purpose!