When was the last time you took a close look at what matters to you? If you are like most people, you have never spent quality time on this task, you probably just take what matters to you for granted. And, ultimately, that is OK – unless you want to create something different in your life. You see, if you want something different, you have to do something different.  

When we start to talk from an NLP perspective about what matters to you, the question we’re really asking is “what do you value and believe?”, or “what is important to you and why?”   

When you can get clear about what matters to you – in all aspects of life (work, hope, relationships, money, health, etc.) then you can be more mindful, purposeful and proactive to create more happiness and success in your life. One aim of NLP is to create more personal wholeness and choice in life. By knowing what matters to you, you can access more wholeness, congruence and more alignment in your day to day life.  

With NLP, you will be introduced to the motivational traits that your beliefs and values have. You will investigate into your own life to identify what is important to you, what values you hold true, what ideals you wish to uphold and what beliefs hold them in place or what beliefs undermine your values.  

Empowered with this information, you will be able to be your own coach in life. As your own coach, you can create a roadmap to success, identify what resources you need to access and build and learn what conscious or unconscious patterns or programs may be holding you back.  

At its core, NLP is more than just an investigation tool. It also provides you skills and resources to get closer to what matters to you so that you can be more aligned, authentic and living on purpose. All of that can start with getting clear about what matters to you in the first place.