How well would you say you know yourself? Interestingly, the majority of your patterns of emotions, behaviours, and beliefs are largely unconscious – and are simply a part of what we do and how we act and how we behave. But, what if each and every thing you do is based on your programming? Would you know all of those programs? Or do you think you live life on auto-pilot?

If you’ve ever heard anyone say something like “oh, that’s just how I am” – this is a loud alarm that really says, I don’t really know myself – I just do whatever happens and call it fate.

We tend to underestimate the importance of knowing ourselves. Many of us go through each day reacting to events and just getting by rather than making choices based on who we are and what we want. One of the most common remarks we hear from our students after they begin to learn NLP is “I truly understand and know myself more now – so now, I can respect my model of the world”.

In NLP, this is a presupposition or assumption – to respect another person’s model of the world. But, first and foremost, NLP will help you to understand and respect your own.

Your Model of the world is made up of your history, memories, values, beliefs, concepts, imagination, and something we call meta programs – which are unconscious filters though which you make sense of your world through. With NLP, you will learn not only more about what is important to you, what you belief, how your behaviours help or hold you back – you’ll also be able to figure out why you do what you do. You’ll learn how to change what isn’t working for you and enhance what it.

Unfortunately, not knowing yourself well can lead to confusion and wasting much time with indecision second guessing. However, when you know what motivates you, how to make better decisions, what is important to you and how to change aspects that hold you back, something magical can happen. That something magical is that YOU can not only better understand yourself, you can become your own best friend!