Have you ever felt out of control of your emotions? Perhaps you go through experiences where you are angry, sad, frustrated, jealous or even high emotions where it is hard to come down and relax. Sometimes it may feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster with no end in sight.

Luckily, NLP contains some amazing and simple tools that will put you back in the drivers seat of your emotional health.

First, you will identify the patterns and meta-states (states or emotions beyond your emotions) that make up your current emotional patterns. For example, we recently worked with a gentleman who came for NLP Coaching to help him with rage and anger. His anger was exceptionally uncontrollable when he felt out of control of his situation; which, in his corporate life was most of the time. Through a variety of questions we were able to uncover that the meta-states that made up his anger were fear and a lack of confidence.

Once you are able to un-pack an emotional state, you will then be able to apply some of the NLP techniques you will learn. Some NLP techniques will be used to access and build resources – like confidence, safety, self-worth, love, etc., and other techniques are used to clear interferences like fear, anger, stuckness, depression, etc.

Just because you have had a certain emotional reaction for most of your life – it is simply just a reaction and you can take charge of your emotional health and live a healthy, balanced emotional life.