If you are working in a position, or in a company where you have a voice in the direction of the company, you can use your NLP skills to identify and align the company values. If you have your own company, this is very important too; a lot of entrepreneurs use their own personal values for their business, yet it is a very separate entity that warrants values of its own.  

When we speak about Values from an NLP perspective, we are talking about “what is important to you”. So, when we are speaking about the Values of a company – the company becomes the entity of “you”. This could also be “team” or “project” values – which might be slightly different than the company as a whole.   

When you are aware of the values of your company then you will be able to direct the company toward aligning the message of these values to your employees, customers, shareholders, and community at large. The message you deliver through your marketing can be consistent, with your objectives and can illustrate a clear message about who the company is and what it stands for.  

Brand marketing, awareness, and competency come from strength in knowing and being aligned to values. For example, Apple has some of the following values (remember – what is important to Apple): simplicity, ownership, and control of their technology, significant contribution, important and meaningful projects, collaboration to innovate, excellence, and honesty.  

Regardless if you are a fan of Apple, everywhere you look they exemplify these values because they are aligned to them. Being aligned means that the behaviors of the employees meet the values, the capability to deliver on these values is present, the beliefs of the company, teams, individuals, etc. are in sponsorship of these values and the identity is also demonstrating the values.  

Your NLP skills will not only help you to identify the values of a company, but you will also be able to identify the incongruences and misalignments to create change at a cultural level within the organization.