What do you believe to be true about climate change? How about owning a pet? Swimming in the ocean? Space travel? Your own personal growth and learning? 

Just like so many other things in our world – we have believes about everything. Your beliefs are the truths you hold – and the more emotionally charged they are, the more power and conviction they will have in your life. 

For the most part, people tend to take beliefs for granted. We assume that because we’re friends or family with others, because we work together, live together or share common experiences we also share beliefs. This isn’t always the case. In fact, often times we have differing or even opposing beliefs to someone else; even if you are close to them.

With observation and questioning skills you will be able to identify the beliefs of others. When you are able to know the truths of other people you can use this information to better respect their model of the world, motivate them and even invite change if necessary.

Unfortunately, beliefs are not always logical – but they are drivers to our behaviours, our beliefs are often the reason why we do what we do. Our guess, is that easily 85-90% of the patterns of emotions, behaviours and beliefs that people have is derived from their beliefs. When you can ascertain another’s beliefs, these unconscious gems open up a new awareness of the person’s motives, directives and underlying intentions.

If you’ve ever asked someone (or yourself) the question why, next time ask “what is your belief about that” and you’ll tap into something wonderfully rich, interesting and possibly very powerful.