As you were growing up and as you continued through life, aspects of certain things became important to you. In NLP, you will learn the concept of importance relates to values; and we have values about everything – how you spend your time and money, relationships, communication, falling in love, the work you do and so much more.

Many of our values were learned by us at a very young age – somewhere within the Imprint Period and modelling, the stages of 0-13 years old. They are a very unconscious aspect of ourselves and were learned by observing and modelling the people around us, our culture, religion, our teachers, our parents and ultimately, anyone deemed as important to us.

Our values are drivers for us – and when you can identify the values of others, you can communicate more effectively based on their values and also, in some instances help them get their values met.

For example, if it is important for your spouse or partner to have independence, then you can communicate, behave and encourage in a way that allows that value to be met.