Do you know what is important to you?  In NLP, when this question is asked to you we are asking about your values.   

Values are what is important to you and can be driving factors which can provide continual motivation and drive to be the best you can be.  

We have values for absolutely everything in life – how you learn, what you learn, relationships, how you communicate, finance and money – everything! And, when your values are being met – you can find yourself in a state of flow, congruence and alignment in that area of life. When your values are not being met – there is usually a sense of dis-ease, discomfort, incongruency and like something isn’t quite right.   

Values are a very important aspect to success and wellbeing. These can be simple concepts like being organised, growth or certainty – and they can also be more abstract concepts such as freedom, peace or wholeness.  

With NLP, not only will you be able to identify your values in different aspects of life, you will also learn strategies to ensure your values are being met, tools to change beliefs and even processes to update any values which may be outdated or redundant.