We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “the customer is always right”, but is that really true? Of course not! But – from an NLP angle, the way the customer sees something is right, for them.

When an event happens, we filter this information through a set of filters which include your beliefs, values, history, expectations, memories, etc., then your mind automatically fits what has just happened in to your own model of the world by distorting, deleting and generalising information; this is how each of us has our own opinions, thoughts and ideas about the same thing.

NLP will help you to improve your customer service skills, not by making the customers notions right all of the time, but making how they see something as right. If a customer, for example, is unhappy with something – you will be able to get more specific about what it is, how they have come to that conclusion and what needs to happen to fix the situation – therefore, you have more skills to create a happy customer.

Customer Service isn’t only something that happens when a customer is upset – it is simply a way of treating our clients. Each client has their own needs, values, expectations and desires – through sensory acuity and observation skills, questioning techniques and filtering tools you will be better able to understand what your client needs, how they need it and how you can best serve your customer for long term reward, retention and referrals.