The personal benefits of NLP are well known, you can tap into your own state of productivity and increase your output. And, as a leader or manager, you also have the ability to influence the productivity of others within your workplace.  

The majority of a person’s efficiency is the outcome of unconscious patterns, anchors, habits, and beliefs. With the skills of NLP, you will be able to identify what the triggers are for your teammates, colleagues, and employees that either motivate or demotivate them.  

With this knowledge, you will be able to customize strategies for each person you work with to help improve their productivity, create various tactics which will help your teammates to feed on the productivity of each other, and build a common sense of group rapport, cohesiveness and commitment to the team, business and overall common goals.  

When a team or workplace is working in harmony, it becomes largely self-correcting. The overall productivity increases and the team begins to hold each other and themselves accountable to a new set of standards and initiatives.  

By understanding each person within a team through different models of NLP, you will be able to not only create more workplace productivity, but you will also be able to replicate that success in other teams.