Do you think you are a good communicator? We are sure you are – most people are good communicators. Some people are horrific – they don’t pay attention, they mind read, they don’t listen, they make assumptions, they aren’t present mentally or emotionally in conversations; I think we’ve all communicated with someone like that.

Interestingly, it generally isn’t the horrific communicators who are interested in NLP in the first place! After all, to improve your communication skills, you have to first know that they can be improved and be open to learning. Often, horrific communicators a) don’t know they are horrific because well, they aren’t paying attention and b) they aren’t open to learning or changing their ways.

We find the people who enter our NLP Training room are much different. They are already good communicators, like you! And they desire to be even better! To improve from good – we’re then looking at creating superb, excellent, exceptional, even triumphant communication skills! 

We know that one of the main benefits of NLP as a communication skill is that it will teach you how to be more aware of others; and within that comes the skills of listening, questioning, investigating, supporting, connecting, empathy and really hearing and understanding others. In turn, this allows you to apply skills to verbally and non-verbally communicate in a way that is most appropriate to your audience. You can communicate to others how they will best process your message.

All of this together creates skills that will help you to be an exquisite communicator!!!