Do you feel that your confidence levels in the workplace are as high as those outside of work? Interestingly, many people tell us they feel like an imposter or a fake at work because they aren’t quite sure of their skills, attitudes, and competencies compared to others.  

If you are prone to comparisons, internal or external you may need to boost your confidence levels at work. Internal comparisons would be thought about where you think you should be compared to your past self-expectations, while external comparisons would be a direct comparison with yourself and someone else. Either of these elements could lower a person’s confidence if they don’t feel up to par with their comparisons.  

Luckily, learning NLP will help you to turn any comparisons around to a learning aid that can boost your desire to improve, thus improving your confidence. Additionally, you will be able to identify your own personal drivers for confidence and build more resourceful confidence in any aspect of the business.  This might mean increasing your confidence to speak up in meetings, to ask for a sale, to speak in front of a group or even to take your own initiative to produce a change.   

Many of the NLP concepts are based on modelling excellence, and this would include boosting your own confidence.