Do you believe that you are in charge or your mind, your life and your emotions? What if you did believe that, and what if you were? Would that change your level of happiness?  

Too often when we talk to people about happiness, we are told things like “I’ll be happy when…” or “I’m not happy because of x”, or “x takes my happiness away”. All of these statements take happiness out of a persons control and puts happiness as something external to achieve or strive for.  

We’re sure you know people who try to change their environment to create happiness – they change job, move state or country, get into a new relationship. All to seek and find happiness. Is happiness really a commodity that you can find?  

What if happiness were simply a state of mind. What if you didn’t have to search for happiness, but you could choose it?   

This is what NLP will help you to do.  

You see, your definition of happiness is made up of everything you’ve done, learned, believed, observed and identified with. In fact, in NLP we call that your model of the world. In NLP, we also have a few assumptions about life including everything has a positive intention and we are all doing the best with the resources we have available, and everyone is in charge of their own mind, therefore their beliefs.  

Your beliefs about happiness and life are simply the current truths that you hold onto. Some people believe that happiness comes from outside. Taking a stem from positive psychology, NLP sees happiness simply as a state, not an identity.  

A state is a mood or emotion – it is made up of two things 1) the feelings you feel inside your body and 2) your physiology and body. When you change either of these aspects, your state starts to change.  

When you start to use NLP to boost your happiness, you will start from the inside out. Not only will you begin to make a conscious effort to look up, smile, relax your shoulders, breathe deeply and move around – you will also use many of the NLP techniques to change your beliefs, definitions and concepts around happiness.  

If you have a ‘reason’ for your happiness not being as robust as you want it, you will have access to many techniques that will finally put those reasons to bed. After all, you are not your past. While your past may have shaped your now, you have choice about what happens next, how you process and react to the past.  

With NLP, you can create more happiness in all aspects of your life. You might even choose one of our favourites – to be happy for no reason at all!