Employee retention can be greatly improved by hiring the right people in the first place. Unfortunately, too many old school recruitment techniques are still being used. I (Heidi) cringe whenever I hear “what do you think your strengths and weakness are”, or “give me an example in a previous job when you X”. Capability and behaviour based interviews don’t always find the best candidates for your roles.

Recruitment generally works by soliciting resumes, looking through those resumes for someone who has the skillset or background that you are looking for, and when you get them in front of you, during the interview you’re looking for ‘are they the right fit’.

What does that mean? The right fit? Is that skills or person? Skills can be taught, mindset is a harder thing to train. Have you ever seen the most competent and skilled person hired for a job, but they still didn’t fit somehow? That’s mindset.

With NLP, we look at a variety of unconscious filters that you can easily identify while talking to another person – and we match those to the filters that might be required for the job, the workplace, the team and the way the person will be managed.

Instead of asking about a behavioural aspect, ask instead “tell me about an aspect of your current/past job that you truly enjoyed” – this will give you insight into the persons mindset. From NLP you will gain skills and knowledge about how to create a recruitment plan for your business to ensure the right-minded person with the right skills is being hired.