Do you ever feel listless, tired, drained, lacking in energy? Do you have strategies to help you with it so that you can bounce of bed and get on with your day in the way you want to? OK – so you might not want to bounce out of bed! But what do you do on days where you are lacking energy?  

Sometimes we don’t have energy because we haven’t gotten enough rest or we’re not fuelling our body with the right nutrients. Sometimes low energy is a result of too much brainpower being expanded, stress, depression, or overwhelm pulling resources from our energy reserves. So, what can you do about this?  

From NLP, we learn that you have all the resources you need to achieve your desired state. Resources here include any attitudes, attributes, skills, or emotions – including energy. What we’ve often found is that when someone has low energy – they don’t actually have a clear desired state or direction.  Motivation, drive, and energy boosts are created when we are moving in a clear direction with focus and attention on the end result.  

In times when you have no aim, direction, or focus – you are more likely to lack energy.  

Think about the first few days of a vacation, when you finally stop doing and start doing nothing. Chances are, your energy will dip and you’ll find yourself tired and exhausted. The mind and body aren’t used to doing anything. In times like these – our body creates and secretes less of the chemicals needed to boost our mood, emotion, and energy. For a day or so at the beginning of a vacation, this tired feeling may be useful to reboot your system and get you ready to do your vacation. However, imagine if that was your life. Doing nothing, feeling nothing, and having no energy to do anything anyway. This is what depression is.   

If you don’t have energy at various times then NLP will help you to align with the desired state, you’ll learn how to create a well-formed outcome, which is a goal with emotional attachment and steps to achieve it, you’ll be able to create a resource anchor that helps you to step into a state of energy, power, and motivation and you’ll be able to be more mindful and aware of the states you are in at any given time.  

If your lack of energy is more chronic – if it’s been around for a while and is tied to other things like depression, illness, anxiety, stress, worry, or over-thinking then NLP can be helpful in other ways too. You will learn skills to change patterns of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors so you can address the root cause of any energy leaks. You will learn how to model yourself and others to change your behaviors and unconscious programming to attract, keep and use the energy levels you desire to have.  

When you can improve your relationship with energy, you will feel better, sleep better, you’ll be more creative, you’ll think more clearly and you’ll ultimately live a better life. If you currently don’t have a great relationship with your energy – what is stopping you from making a change now?