Do you love food? Like really love it and crave it? Or maybe you just like it. Or, maybe you see food as just sustenance and fuel for the body.   

Whatever your mindset, emotional ties and beliefs are about food, they are the basis of your relationship with food. At the end of the day, food is just sustenance and fuel for the body, but we humans often put more meaning on it that just fuel. We get emotional about food. I’m not sure it’s just a human thing! I’ve seen how crazy my pets get over cheese! But, I’ve never seen a dog comfort eat or do mindless snacking when they are bored. Those traits are exclusive to humans.   

NLP will assist you to revaluate your relationship with food, the meanings you put on food, the beliefs you hold and the behaviours you have with food.  

I’m sure you’ve heard of people who stress eat, or get hangry (angry when they are hungry), or eat when they are bored, or stop eating when they are stressed, or binge when they have a problem, or starve when they are lacking emotional connection, or eat when they are lonely.  

None of that is about food. All of it is about you. And, you are in charge of your mind and emotions, therefore you are also in charge of your relationship with food.  

Recently, we met a woman who wanted help with NLP to stop eating candy and sweets; she blamed her behaviour on stress. After some investigation and communicating with her craving for sweets she identified that the sweets were keeping her busy and keeping her thoughts away from the unhappiness she felt in her marriage. It had nothing to do with the sugary delights at all.  

You will be learning how to communicate with your mind/body connection, identify and clear beliefs that are not serving you, change behaviours to more empowering ones and improve your personal relationship with food.  

Of course, you can still appreciate, love, desire and crave food – there isn’t anything wrong with that, as long as the relationship with food is one that is not dependant on food to be anything other than good tasting, and sometimes good for you!