How’s your money situation? Do you have a good relationship with it? Do you have enough of it? Or is there not enough month at the end of your money?

Have you ever thought that your bank balance could be a direct result of your psychological and unconscious relationship with money?

We’ve found that often, when people have a lack of money they also have beliefs that are not aligned with having an abundance of it. We hear a lot of beliefs like “money is evil”, “having money means I’m greedy”, “only pretentious people have money”, “money can’t buy you happiness”, and so many other clichés that we’re sure you’ve heard too.

But what if it is those very clichés that are holding you back from having what you want in terms of finances and money?

Your unconscious mind is responsible for eavesdropping on your thoughts and what is being done or said around you. In the formative years, from birth until around age 7, you are a sponge just soaking up information. Very few filters are in place and your mind is creating beliefs that will shape your future. With NLP, you can reshape it.

For example, we recently worked with a young man in his mid-twenties with NLP and his relationship with money. We used a few NLP tools, but the most beneficial was accessing his timeline to identify when his patterns began with money. Most people do not consciously remember much from their past, but your unconscious mind stores everything. Sometimes memories are presented to us in the form of a movie – which may or may not be true, but the mind is very metaphorical, so whatever comes up, we trust that will give us the learnings or understandings we need.

This particular young man created a movie of a boy that was about 2 years old. The boy had been given a few dollars to spend in the shop and he promptly spent it all on some candy. From somewhere in the movie, someone said “he can’t even hang on to a few bucks! He spends it like there is no tomorrow”.

Again, the unconscious mind is continually eves dropping on, and taking personally and literally everything that is happening around us. When someone of importance speaks about us or to us when we are in these formative years, beliefs can be created. And one was made for this man – a belief that he can’t hang onto money. And, he couldn’t. As soon as he got some money, he would spend it. He lived this belief as if it were his truth. Because for him, it was!

We were able to change this belief using NLP and from there, his behaviours began to change too. He was able to keep, even save money!

Regardless of what your beliefs are or how your current behaviours are displayed in your life- you can change anything that isn’t working for you or servicing your desires. With NLP, you can create a dynamic and beneficial relationship with money that will meet and exceed your personal and professional goals.