NLP often looks at the presence of rapport with someone to identify where a conflict or miscommunication comes from. Rapport is that connection that you have with someone that often makes it safe, easy and supportive to be with someone. There is an assumption about communication from NLP that says “resistance is a sign of a lack of rapport”.  

Most often, this assumption is gathered about rapport with other people – but what about rapport with yourself? For us to be truly content, congruent, and happy – the relationship we cultivate with ourselves may just be the most important one in life.  

While NLP has a focus on communication and modeling excellence in interpersonal relationships (with others), it equally has a quieter objective to assist you in developing an exceptional intrapersonal relationship; with yourself.  

When you learn NLP, you will not only be learning how to understand others – you’ll be starting with yourself as a guide. Modeling excellence from the inside out, if you will.   

The relationship you have with yourself is largely based on your personal model of the world; which is made up of your entire history, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, emotions, memories, patterns, and resources. Each of us has a different tapestry that makes us who we are.  

Sometimes, our unconscious elements of us like our beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and self-concepts are either not aligned with who we want to be or who we think we should be. Through self-evaluation and introspection using some of the tools of NLP you will not only be able to better understand your own model of the world, but you will also be able to clear any interferences, beliefs, blocks, or barriers to truly being you. Even if that first means figuring out who you are.  

You will be delving into your values, ideals, goals, beliefs, unconscious patterns and so much more. By uncovering who you truly are, you will be able to better respect your own model of the world, get closer to who you want to be and ultimately, improve the most important relationship in your life.