spiritual health nlp

So what does NLP have to do with spiritual health? The answer – nothing, yet everything. From a purely scientific and neuro-science perspective, spirit is outside and separate to a person. However, from our own perspective and point of view – we humans are much more than just a mind and body, we are also spirit.

This doesn’t necessarily mean God, angels, spirits or anything esoteric; however, depending on your beliefs, it might! For us, the spirituality of NLP encapsulates everything that is outside of ‘proof’. This might include energy, intuition, dreams, knowingness, the collective universal consciousness and yes – some of the esoteric elements.

If you’ve ever studied any energetic healing like reiki, psychometry, quantum theory or even the law of attraction, you will already understand this aspect of spirituality.

Everyone has had an experience where you walk into a room where a heated argument has just occurred. You can feel that energy, can’t you? That energy is simply matter. And we store this matter or energy inside and outside of ourselves. Sometimes, people have an energetic block that stops them from moving forward, continually provides examples of self-sabotage and draws to them what they don’t want in life.

NLP contains a variety of tools that will help you to clear energetic blocks, create outlets to release negative energy, tap into positive resources and create a spiritual flow to attract more of what you want in your life.