A very dynamic way to use your NLP skills will be to improve your training and presentation skills. In fact, we train a 14-day course (Level 3), teaching you how to use NLP as a tool for training and presentations.

Training and presenting is different than teaching, consulting or coaching. Yet, we find that so many people attempt to train others in the same way as they would teach, consult or coach. It generally doesn’t work very well for long-term results.

Teaching is sometimes too one way – from the front of the classroom back. Consulting is often too directive, not allowing the learner to actually engage and learn. Coaching is often either too instruction-based (like sports coaching), or too collaborative (like personal coaching) for learning to transpire.

Training, however, from an NLP perspective is a two-way approach to disseminating information that can be understood by the mind and processed by the body; making it a robust, creative and engaging process.

With NLP as a tool for training and presenting, you will not only be using a person (or a groups) learning style, you will be delivering in a way, order and fashion which will engage everyone. You will also utilise metaphors as a teaching aid (which are SO much more effective than PowerPoint!), spatial anchors to solidify concepts and create states, rapport to create connection and group cohesion, non-verbal communication skills to train the unconscious mind, nested loops to bring home a point – all while delivering information at different neuro-logical levels and different meta program dichotomies to reach every person in your audience.

At the end of the day, people learn the same information in different ways, at different speeds with different desires. NLP will help you to meet the needs of each of your students so you can help them to learn and embody their learning.