In moments where you lack motivation and drive, what do you do? Most people will wait around for motivation to come like it is a bus or a train. But what if motivation and drive weren’t actually a thing to attain or wait for but rather a state of mind?  

What if in moments where you were lacking motivation and drive you could tap into your resources and access the motivation and drive you desire? What would happen then? Most likely you would do more, achieve more, and possibly even be more. At the very least, it would allow you more choice in life – to create motivation or not. 

The study of NLP understands that motivation and drive are states of the mind. A state is a mood or emotion that you are having at any given moment because of the immediate circumstances. NLP also knows how you can consciously create a state when it is needed or desired.  

Your states, all of them, not just motivation and drive are created because of the beliefs, unconscious filters, memories, and decisions that you have made during your life. If motivation isn’t present when you need it, that is simply because the right criteria (beliefs, filters, etc.) are not aligned at that moment. However, you can change that.  

First, when you learn NLP you will be introduced to a great tool called the well-formed outcome, this tool is used to create clarity about a goal or outcome. When you are clear about what you want with a deliberate plan of action – motivation is always more readily available. Anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, unclear or unsure about something, motivation will wane.  

Next, you will utilize strategies from NLP to manage your state. By stepping into and accessing past experiences of motivation and drive, your body will begin to reassociate into this state, creating and secreting chemicals through your body that will amplify a motivational state. Sometimes acting as if, is a great way to kick-start motivation. When you act as if you are motivated, the mind/body connection reacts as if you are motivated, thus, motivation ensues.  

Finally, you will gain a variety of tools from NLP to help you model the motivation and drive of others and yourself. You will be able to use a process called a new behaviour generator to model someone else and you’ll also be able to dig deeper into the unconscious mind and begin to understand the meta programs (unconscious filters) that you and others use in times of motivation. These tools will again allow you to act as if, but in a more robust manner.  

If something is possible for you or another person at some point in time, it is possible at any time. Motivation and drive are not concepts to wait for, they are states you can access whenever and wherever you desire.